Phytosanitary Fumigation

Exporter and importers may be conversant with this type of language. Some refer to it as cosmetic fumigation. However there is nothing cosmetic about it. For all intends and purposes, fumigation must be carried out with a specific mission.

Phytosanitary fumigation is carried out to ensure that all exports and imports meet the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country. It is  legislative in nature and it prevents the export of ipest species to destination where there are no known enemies. This legislation does apply to both animal and plant pests.

 GFS due to its network does have specialized  fumigation teams in major towns in Kenya conveniently located to undertake these services.  we promise to certify your export or Import machandise as free from all pests and help you meet the legislative requirements hence cut down on damarages and obtain real value for your goods.