About Us

Global fumigation services is a well-established  fully Kenyan owned fumigation and pest control company with special interest in serving clientele in the Agricultural, hospitality, industrial and institutional sectors within the East African region.

The company currently has registered offices in Nairobi and Eldoret Kenya with plans to open a branch in Mombasa and Thika

The company is a registered limited company run by a group of directors and local shareholders.

The company is managed by a group of Directors who are all locally based and who adopts hands on approach in dealing with problems affecting their clients.

Our service delivery is anchored on the three pillars of professionalism, experience and integrity.

Global Fumigation services boasts of experienced personnel in the field of fumigation and general pest control spanning several years.

These experiences have been achieved from working with reputable both international and local firms for several years.

We are fully locally owned and all our resources are locally sourced and effectively used with a view to minimizing costs associated with pest control and hence passing this benefit to our clients.

What are our key competencies?

Global Fumigation has capability to carry out the following:

  1. Fumigation of cereals and other agricultural products and raw materials in warehouses and stores for purposes of preserving the quality and preventing both quality and quantity loses.
  2. Fumigation of cereals in Silos, Barges, and Vessel holds
  3. Fumigation of artefacts and personal effects.
  4. Fumigation of containerised cargo for export.
  5. Control of general pests such as cockroaches, Rodents and other public health pests in all areas.  
  6. Post and per site construction site treatment against termites.
  7. Control of snakes and Vernon's from encroaching in human habitats.
  8. We offer professional advice in matters of storage and hygiene with a view to controlling.


About Us