Plant & Machinery

Good manufacturing practices demands that periodic fumigation of the plant and machinery is carried out so as to ensure  non contamination of the end product. This requirement is particularly important in  food related industries such as flour mills, breweries, tobacco manufacturing  industries, bakeries and confectioneries, animal feed industries, food processing industries. In all these cases, insects are omni-present.  Even if high standards of proofing are implemented, re-infestation of the facilities arises daily.  Although correct cleaning procedures are a pre-requisite for good hygiene, insects will find shelter and places for breading in cracks, crevices and generally in places that are difficult to attain.  Since insecticides can not penetrate in many of these.

GFS  is what you need. We guarantee none damage to both electrical and mechanical components of the plant during fumigation and we guarantee of total elimination of the pests and their most resistant stages