Cargo & Commodities

Due to a global food shortage it is necessary to mitigate against food losses at the domestic, national and international levels.

 GFS offers the answer to the food shortages coursed by pest damage through: 

  • Fumigation of stored agricultural products: cereals, pulses, cocoa, peanuts, coffee, tobacco, etc.

Agricultural products and commodities are very susceptible to infestation leading to quality deterioration. Insect pests found in these products affects the quality and quantity aspects of these products thereby diminishing their economic values.

 Due to the high volumes of high volumes, nature of storage , plant characteristics and residue limitations, conventional pest control of spraying and insecticides application has been found not ideal for effective pest control as well as  retaining the quality characteristics of the product. In view of this, fumigation remains the method of choice for the treatment of all  stored commodities. Fumigation has the added advantage of  having no residual effect of the  fumigated product and as such it can be used as often as possible to treat the same merchandise while not affecting the quality of the product . 

  • In transit fumigation

 This is carried out during the process of movement of cargo from one point to another using haulage.

In most cases the time to carry out fumigation for export cargo is mostly limiting. Exporters have to to make the hard choice of either exporting the goods without fumigation or delaying the export to wait for the fumigation.

In recognition of the difficulties experienced by the exporters, SGS has the  solution. One needs not worry any more about delays in export or accumulated demurrages at the port of destination due to fumigation.

GFS shall carry out in transit fumigation for this cargo and give guarantees of a successful fumigation.