Control of Rodents

Control of Rodents (rats and mice) 

Similar to cockroaches, rats are a fear factor and a vector for diseases.  Their gnawing on electrical wires, installation materials and cargo can result in considerable damage.  International legislation equally requires that rodents are controlled on a regular basis on ships, hotels food storage facilities such as warehouses and really in areas habited by man. Rodents are pests of immense economic important. Their importance in the food chain can not be over emphasized. Indeed they transcend all the sectors of the economy. they cause important economic losses by damaging goods, products and packaging. Additionally the presence of their excrements cause contamination of your products and their fur and paws are a continuous source for the diffusion of bacteria and other micro-organisms. Less known, but just as pernicious is the damage of gnawing on electrical and network wires, packaging materials and insulation materials. 

GFS has the state of the art baiting equipment which ensures that industrialists, manufacturer’s, hospitality industry, homes and institutions adhere to these requirements . W e have very well defined procedures to apply at every situation and  these ensures a reliable, planned and well executed baiting  whose results are well captured in our certificates and reports which we generate for the benefit of our clients.